Run 4 Life About Us


Allow me to share my very personal reason for starting Run4Life. 

I am a breast cancer survivor and I owe much of the credit for my survival, both physically and emotionally, to those who have helped me by participating in many cancer-related fundraising events.

Often, you are not alone at these events, but have family members of your own that participate.

Seeing the outpouring of support at such events buoyed my spirits at low times, helping me to remember that I was never alone in my fight against cancer!

Also, like you, I enjoy the benefits of working out, from doing a cardio workout or run, to anaerobic workouts with weights.

The “runner’s high” … that feeling of wellness that has helped sustain me through the low points and kept me on a healthier path to a longer life, you know the feeling I am talking about!

Run 4 Life is not just a name, it’s what I am completely about. The feeling and support of the running community, it’s why I call you “family” …. And because you’re family, I want to be able to provide for you! is devoted to those who love running as much as we do. It is here that you can customize your racing apparel, create beautiful personalized gifts for your racing event sponsors and participants and purchase event promotion items to help make your big day a success.

I can’t wait for you to look around and feel inspired. I would absolutely love it if you wanted to share your story with our Run4Life Facebook family!